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Creating a Plugin

You can create your own plugins to add components to Evidence. Plugins are Svelte libraries.

Starting from a Template

The easiest way to get started is from the example component library on GitHub, with a live demo of the components here.

Exporting Components

There are 2 ways to expose components to Evidence, evidence.manifest.yaml, and module exports. For both methods, you must re-export the components in your index.js file, and they must have the same export name as the svelte file name. (e.g. MyComponent.svelte must be exported as MyComponent)

Module Exports

When writing a plugin from scratch, this is the preferred method. To indicate that a component should be available in Evidence implicitly (e.g. without imports), add the following to your component:

<script context="module">
export const evidenceInclude = true;


If you would prefer not to flag your components, you can also maintain a evidence.manifest.yaml file. The structure of the file is a single array of component names:

- ComponentOne
- ComponentTwo

Using your Plugin

See installing plugins