Checking Version Numbers

Run these commands in your terminal to see which versions your project is using

Description Command
Check Evidence version npm view @evidence-dev/evidence version
Check NodeJS version node -v
No Results

Common Issues


Not able to run npm install

This is often related to the version of NodeJS your project is using. See system requirements for more information

Installation taking a long time

On Windows, the initial installation can take up to a few minutes. If it has been longer than 10 minutes and your project hasn't started, reach out in the Slack community for help

Data Sources

Data is not available for querying

Ensure that you've done the following:

  • Add .sql files to your sources/my-source directory to define which data to bring into your Evidence project (does not apply to the CSV connector, which does not require .sql files)
  • Run npm run sources to load the data

To check whether your data has been successfully loaded into your project, go to the /explore/schema page to see which data is in your app.

Failure in npm run sources

If you're having problems loading data with npm run sources, try using npm run sources -- --debug to display additional logs

Page Loading

If you are running into a problem on your page, but are not seeing a clear error message, try looking in your browser console to see if there is additional information available.

To open your browser console:

  • Right click anywhere on your page
  • Click "Inspect" - the browser dev tools pane should open
  • Click the "Console" tab - this will display warnings and errors generated by your page

This is helpful information to provide when asking questions in slack or creating issues on Github.


If you have issues when building or deploying your project, try running npm run build locally to see if the behaviour is the same as in your deployment environment.

If the build works locally, but not in your deployment environment, check that the NodeJS version used in your deployment environment fits within the system requirements.

Known Issues

See our open Github issues for a full list of known issues

Windows Cache Issue (TProtocolException Error)

See this Github Issue for description, status, and workarounds