Vercel lets you host a public version of your project for free, or you can create and host a password-protected version with Vercel's $150/month pro plan. Netlify offers the same option for $15/month.

Deploy to Vercel

  1. Run your project in development mode
  2. Visit the settings page
  3. Open the deployment panel, and select 'Vercel', then follow the provided instructions

Optional: Set a site-wide password for your project (Requires Paid Plan)

Follow the directions provided by Vercel to set up a password for your site:

Optional: Schedule updates using Deploy Hooks

If you want your site to update on a specific schedule, you can use GitHub Actions (or another similar service) to schedule regular calls to a Vercel deploy hook.

  1. Create a Vercel deploy hook. This will give you a URL that GitHub will use to trigger builds

  2. Add VERCEL_DEPLOY_HOOK to your Github Repo's Secrets

  • In your GitHub repo, go to Settings > Secrets > Actions and click New repository secret and create a secret, VERCEL_DEPLOY_HOOK, with the URL from step 1.
  1. Add a schedule file to your project
  • Create a new directory in your project called .github
  • Within that directory, create another called workflows
  • Add a new file in .github/workflows called main.yml
  1. Add the following text to the main.yml file you just created. Be sure that the indentation in your main.yml matches the below.
name: Schedule Vercel Deploy on: workflow_dispatch: schedule: - cron: '0 10 * * *' # Once a day around 6am ET (10am UTC) jobs: build: name: Request Vercel Webhook runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - name: POST to Deploy Hook env: BUILD_HOOK: ${{ secrets.VERCEL_DEPLOY_HOOK }} run: curl -X POST -d {} $BUILD_HOOK
  1. See your GitHub Actions run in the Actions tab of your GitHub repo