Evidence renders markdown files into web pages. When developing, the markdown file /pages/ is rendered at localhost:3000/example.

Evidence instantly reloads pages when their markdown files are edited and saved.

File Based Routing

The URL to access a page is determined by the path to the markdown file in the /pages directory:

  • pages/ is the homepage
  • pages/ creates the /weekly-sales page
  • pages/marketing/ creates the /marketing/attribution page

This allows you to organize your pages in a way that makes sense for your users, for example:

  • by department
  • by product
  • by customer
  • by time period

Templated Pages

  • pages/customers/[customer].md creates a page for each customer using the [customer].md template. See templated pages for details.


You can include page metadata, such as a title, using frontmatter.