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Lets you take the result of a query and use it anywhere in your markdown.


Showing Data from a Query Result#

  • data - query name, referenced as a subset of Evidence's data object
  • column - column name to pull values from
  • row - (Optional) specific row number to display

Showing a Specific Value#

  • value - specific value to display (e.g., value=300)


  • fmt - use a format tag to override the default formatting

Default Behaviour#

  • <Value/> pulls the first row in a table
  • If no column is specified, it will select the first column in the dataset (furthest left column)


Errors appear inline with your text - when you hover over an error, it will show you the reason for the error. value-error

Adding a Placeholder#

If you like to mock up reports before you're ready to fill in real data, you can also override the Value error with a placeholder. Input the text you want to use as your placeholder and it will appear in blue font with square brackets, inline with your text.

  • placeholder - text to display in place of an error
<Value placeholder="Report Date"/>



Evidence's component tags need to be closed using /> (same as HTML tags)