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The Value component accepts a query and displays a formatted value inline in text.

By default, Value will display the value from the first row of the first column of the referenced data.

<Value data={query_name} /> <!-- First row from the first column -->

Specifying Rows and Columns

Optionally supply a column and/or a row argument to display other values from data.

Row index

row is zero-indexed, so row=0 displays the first row.

<!-- Show the **7th row** from column_name -->




The most recent month of data began <Value data={monthly_orders} />,
when there were <Value data={monthly_orders} column=orders/> orders.

Results: summary-sentence

Adding a Placeholder

Override errors with the optional placeholder argument. This is useful for drafting reports before writing your queries.

<Value placeholder="Report Date"/>


Formatting Values

Evidence supports a variety of formats - see value formatting and the fmt prop below for more info.


dataQuery name, wrapped in curly bracesYes-
columnColumn to pull values from-First column
rowRow number to display. 0 is the first row.-0
placeholderText to display in place of an error--
fmtFormat to use for the value (see available formats)Excel-style format | built-in format | custom format-