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VS Code Extension

Evidence VS Code provides syntax highlighting and basic autocomplete for Evidence projects.

This is an early version of the extension and will serve as the starting point for deeper VS Code support for Evidence in the future.


You can install the extension in 2 ways:

  1. In VS Code, search for "Evidence" in the Extensions menu and click to install


  2. Install from the the VS Code Marketplace webpage

Markdown Preview

The Evidence VS Code extension does not work with VS Code's default Markdown preview (this will be fixed in a future version of the extension), but there is another way to access that function.

To show a preview of a Markdown document when the Evidence extension is enabled:

  1. Right click on the markdown file name (either in the sidebar file navigation or in the editor tab at the top of the page)
  2. Click Open With... or Reopen Editor With...
  3. Click Markdown Preview

To get back to your editor view, repeat the steps and click Text Editor.

Syntax Highlighting

Evidence VS Code provides syntax highlighting for SQL queries, components, templating, Markdown, HTML, and JavaScript.



Evidence VS Code includes a collection of autocomplete suggestions which can be quickly inserted into your project with only a few keystrokes. This is not full intellisense, which is planned for a future version of the extension.


How to Use

See Suggestions

There are 2 ways to see available autocomplete suggestions:

  1. Start typing an autocomplete keyword. Don't include any tags or special characters when looking for suggestions (e.g., <, {)


  2. Ctrl + Space to open the full list of suggestions


    Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the options in the suggestion menu.

Select and Insert Suggestion

Press tab to insert a suggestion.

Fill in Placeholder Information

Once you have inserted a suggestion, you should see several placeholder sections highlighted. You can tab through these placeholders to fill in your component props.


Start typing in the first placeholder, then press tab and it will move to the next placeholder. When you reach the last placeholder, you can either continue adding props as normal, or press tab once more to take you 2 lines below the component you just inserted.

Over-Sensitive Suggestions

You may encounter situations where autocomplete suggestions pop up at the ends of words. The VS Code development team are aware of the issues and are working on a fix which should be available shortly. For this reason, we have temporarily disabled using the Enter or return keys for selecting suggestions (to avoid suggestions being inserted when you are trying to add a new line to your file).


SQL Query Blocks