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Connect a Database

We need the add the data from the Needful Things - we are going to use a local SQLite database for the tutorial.

  1. Download the SQLite database here and put it in your my-project folder, renaming the file to needful_things.db for convenience.

    Your folder should now look something like this:

|-- .evidence /
|-- node_modules /
|-- pages /
|-- .gitignore
|-- needful_things.db
|-- package-lock.json
`-- package.json
  1. Navigate to the settings menu in the bottom left corner of the Homepage, and connect the SQLite database.

The Needful Things dataset#

The needful_things.db database has 3 tables:

  • ORDERS: data on customer orders, with one row per order (containing only one item each)
  • MARKETING_SPEND: data showing how much Needful Things has spent on each paid marketing channels per month
  • REVIEWS: stores customers reviews for some orders, which are Net Promoter Scores (NPS) on a scale of 0-10