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Run SQL Queries

Run your first query#

Go back to localhost:3000/firstquery and take a look at the query we weren't able to run earlier.

If your database connection has been set up successfully, you will see an output from the query and a message linking to an example analysis.

  • This message was set up with a conditional - you can use conditionals to dynamically display information based on results of queries on your page. Check out the code in to see how this was done

Write a query from scratch#

Let's take a look at 1,000 rows from the Austin 311 Calls public dataset to undestand what the data looks like. We'll call this query data_sample:

Add to the bottom of src/pages/
select *
from `bigquery-public-data.austin_311.311_service_requests`
limit 1000

Save the page and take a look at your browser. Evidence recognizes the change, runs your SQL query, and reloads the page to show the results inside a panel:


You can expand the panel to show the output of your query, as well as the SQL that was executed by the data warehouse:


The data scrubber at the bottom of the table can be used to quickly look through a lot of rows. Once the page is loaded there are no calls to the database, so performance of the data on the page is very fast.


How Evidence runs queries#

When you include SQL on your page, Evidence will run the queries and send the results to your browser to be displayed on the page. The time it takes to load the page is the time it takes to run the queries on that page.

Running queries doesn't prevent you from continuing to make edits to your document.

When you change any SQL on your page, it will cause a full page reload, but Evidence only reruns queries that have changed.

Running Large Queries

Evidence supports extremely large queries, but they can be slow to run in development mode and sometimes it's difficult to see the progress as it loads. We're working on a way to give you more feedback about the progress of large queries. It's usually a good idea to use a limit clause to avoid these issues.