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Live Preview#

Instant feedback is critical to analyst productivity.

The Evidence development server is extraordinarily fast. No matter how large your project is, changes are reflected in the browser almost instantly.

Edit a Page#

Open src/pages/ in your editor and localhost:3000/firstquery in your browser.

Try playing around with the text and see how quickly it updates in the browser every time you save:



For tips on markdown syntax, check out Markdown Guide.

Write your first query#

In Evidence you write SQL like this:

101 as my_first_metric,
200 as my_second_metric

Every query in Evidence needs a title. The title of the query above is my_first_query.

Query titles must be unique within a document, but can be reused across documents.

The SQL statement above is contained in a fenced code block, a markdown structure for including code in a document. Evidence will run the SQL you include in these code blocks.

The query above won't be able to run until you connect your data warehouse. You can set up that connection in the next section.