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Writing Queries

When you open a page in dev mode, Evidence runs all of the queries on the page. You can see the progress of these queries printed in the console. In dev mode, Evidence monitors the contents of your SQL blocks, and reloads the page as necessary to reflect any changes you've made to your queries.

Query Blocks

You can include SQL queries in your page using a markdown code block (starting and ending with 3 backticks). Evidence requires a query name to be supplied directly after the first 3 backticks.

select country, sum(sales) as sales
from international_transactions
group by 1

Using Query Results

Reference a query in a component using data={query_name}

For example, if your query name was sales_by_country:

<LineChart data={sales_by_country}/>

or alternatively,

<LineChart data={data.sales_by_country}/>

Data Types & Formatting

The column names in your query result define how your data is treated when using components. We believe this is good practice for code readability and consistency:

  • Date column names must include a date unit to be interpreted as dates in Evidence (date, week, month, qtr, year)
  • Formatting is determined by format tags appended to your column names. See Formatting for more details

Supported Databases

  • BigQuery
  • Snowflake
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • DuckDB

We are accepting contributions for new database connectors. Please see our contribution guide on GitHub.