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Parameterized Pages

A parameter is included in a URL for a page to reference a specific item in a dataset (e.g., a department, region, product, etc.). This parameter can then be used to filter queries and present data specific to the item in the parameter.

A page's parameter can be accessed through this variable:


You can apply a filter to a dataset by appending this code to the dataset name. This is a standard JavaScript method for filtering data. We plan to make this simpler in the future.

Filter method
.filter(d => d.your_column === $page.params.your_parameter_name)

This means that the code will look in the dataset d and include only those rows where the your_column column is equal to the page's parameter variable.

Adding this to a normal <Value/> component gives us the following:

data={your_query_name.filter(d => d.your_column_name === $page.params.your_parameter_name)}