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Required Props#

  • data - query name, referenced as a subset of Evidence's data object
  • x - column to use for the x-axis of the chart, name without quotes

Optional Props#

  • binCount - number of bins to create. By default, Evidence uses the Freedman-Diaconis rule to determine the number of bins hist-bins

Labeling Props#

  • units - adds a label to the top of the y-axis, to the right of the top value on the axis
  • xAxisTitle - adds a title to the x-axis at the bottom right of the chart. This can also serve as a footnote location

Formatting Props#

  • yMin - value to start the y-axis at. Default is 0
  • xGridlines - turn x-axis gridlines on or off. Default is off. Turn on with xGridlines=true
  • yGridlines - turn y-axis gridlines on or off. Default is on. Turn off with yGridlines=false
  • fillColor - color of the columns. CSS color input (CSS color name, hexadecimal code, RGB code)
  • fillTransparency - % of color which will be rendered as transparent (value between 0 and 1)

Evidence's component tags need to be closed using /> (same as HTML tags)